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Our Brand

Twenty Interior was founded in 2018 with our dreams and gratitude.

Two is the first even number, and it is balanced and harmonious. It symbolizes friendly relations and cooperative partnerships and represents love and acceptance.

Zero symbolizes nature and the universe, it carries infinite power, and it represents new beginnings.

When two and zero come together, it represents the beginning of a new life and the end of a cycle.

We have the capabilities to execute our client’s ideas into reality. Our team comprises 20, and our team always feels 20. We carry passion, creativity, and a rigorous work ethic to tackle our missions.

Our Team

Professional Design Team

Senior interior designer team with ten years of experience create the most practical and beautiful design.

Project Management Team

Effectively connect the design and construction departments and strictly control the time and task allocation of the project at each stage. Effectively manage the health and safety of contractors and subcontractors, adopt a unique safety work method statement, and strictly control site risks.

Construction Team

Refer to more than 200 Australian and international standard building codes, adopt higher requirements than Australian construction standards, and complete the project on time and with high quality.

Our expert interior designers and interior decorators will work with you to create a personalised and tailored brief to ensure we address all of the changes required to transform the space you live or work in.


Please visit our Project gallery to find out more interior design ideas. You are welcome to contact us for a one-on-one conversation with one of our interior&renovation designers.


Our Achievements

Interior design is an art form that is always moving and evolving into new innovations. The interior design ideas of Twenty Interior are simplistic and bring strong visual enjoyment. We have made lots of achievements within this industry. Twenty Interior proudly won the reputation of being a respected industry model in Australian interior design and renovation.

What’s more, we maintain long-term honest cooperation with suppliers, subcontractors, and professional partners that allow us to deliver on time, on budget, and on-demand. As a result, we have won much trust from Australians’ business entrepreneurs with a serious and responsible attitude.

We have extensive project experience in the following areas:

  • Interior design
  • Interior renovation
  • Document approval
  • Branding design

Our Core Values

At Twenty Interior, we are committed to help our clients to achieve their dreams. Since we were founded, we are trying to provide safe, reliable, sustainable, and high-quality design and service. We always want our clients to achieve business sustainability through sustainable interior design.


Medical Aesthetics 360
Corian Design Awards
Edition 1 | Hospitality


The Gym Chef
Sydney Design Awards 2021
Interior Design | Hospitality


Sydney Design Awards 2023
Interior Design | Hospitality


Castle Cove House Design

Sydney Design Awards 2023
Interior Design | House


Vaclause House Design

Sydney Design Awards 2023
Interior Design | House