Project Overview

The new About ACC store in Top Ryde City continues its signature branding of an iconic main colour to capture the attention, with a high ceiling and a striking shopfront, making it one of the boldest retail designs of TWENTY INTERIOR in 2022.


Twenty Interior Pty Ltd



Due to About ACC’s unique branding characteristics, each bra


nch store will have a special primary colour to run through the entire design. Since this new store is in a community that caters more to girls and students, we chose fresh and bright blue-green, turquoise colour as the main colour, while adding light pink and beige to the colour combination.

For material selection, smooth and clean metal surfaces are used as the main carrier of the turquoise colour, amplifying the freshness and brightness of the colour. The metal mesh increases the grid at eye-sight height, echoing a large number of accessory tags

. The textured beige wall-effect paint reflects delicacy and nature, while rough large-scale terrazzo tiles on the floor reduce the feeling of excessive decoration, creating an inviting outdoor atmosphere.

Project Innovation/Need

The visual centrepiece of the entire store is a huge turquoise metal mesh structure that is 3 meters high and 3.2 meters in arc length. It not only creates a strong visual attraction but also creates a sense of entry with its curved shape at the entrance. At the same time, the density of the two layers of metal mesh makes the theme colour more prominent and abundant.


For the display of accessories products, we have created different modules based on the speciality of each product series. The majority display method is to use turquoise metal mesh on the wall, with a large number of small items creating a contrasting visual effect, which allures customers to search and select among products. The two corners at the back

wall are with more delicate and fancy cabinets and shelves for the three-dimensional storage display.

Design Challenge

As the store is located at street level in the shopping centre, the shopfront requirements need to meet not only the visual expectations but also the outdoor facade requirements. Moreover, since the store is located in a central position, the overall flow needs to be smooth yet still attract passing customers. This is why the design of the shopfront and entrance became particular

ly important. Twenty Interior uses frameless glass for the exterior walls to increase interior exposure while maintaining good sealing.

By placing the entrance at both ends of the entire shopfront, not only will the large window space in the middle be left empty for the main feature, but it will also give passing customers the possibility of entering the shop twice. As the main need of an accessories shop is for customers to see all the products as much as possible, thus generating interest, having a second chance to see the products inside when passing by will greatly increase the possibility of entering the shop.


The main metal mesh used in the design is typically a recyclable and reusable material. This means that during its use and disposal, the metal mesh does not have a significant impact on the environment. The overall design also avoids excessive and complicated material use, resulting in a more simple and elegant aesthetic.


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Image Credit : L Plus Studio Li Dong