Interior designs

GYM CHEF in Maroubra provides such high-quality, low-calorie fitness meals for fitness professionals.

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With green plants and wood materials as the main decorations in the individual industrial-style space, it neutralizes the rough and tough feeling created by the black metal frame iron net and grey cement wall.

Shop interior designs

It fully reflects the healthy eating style of GYM CHEF. They use natural ingredients to provide every fitness enthusiast with the best quality nutrition.

Interior designs

The most eye-catching is the handmade wall paintings occupying a large area of ​​Feature Wall. Hand-painted strength muscular man with pure black paint, with the brisk and independent neon glowing motivational introduction, encourage fitness professionals who want a perfect body!

Shop interiors

The multi-person dining area next to the wall painting adopts warm-colour direct spotlights while creating an advanced shadow texture on the wall, and it also makes the food look more delicious and inviting. Dining with a couple of friends here is also very affectionate.

Restaurant interiors

GYM CHEF also has a single eating area. Sitting on a high chair accompanied by a warm light line with a cup of healthy high-protein yogurt make people relax here. Customers will not feel lonely and embarrassed at all.

To let fitness enthusiasts always pay attention to their fitness results, the boss also spent vast sums of money purchasing anthropometric instruments. It can measure customers height, weight, and BMI at any time in the store before or after meals.

Restaurant design ideas

The interior designer also cleverly used a black metal frame, perform functional partition processing of the instrument with decorations ensures the privacy of this area and maintains the store’s beauty and harmony.

Restaurant fitting

Compared with ordinary restaurants, fitness restaurants have higher aesthetic requirements in terms of interior design. Our Shop fitouts team is modern and result orientated. Our installers are very experienced in the installation process. Twenty Interior Shopfitting fitouts create quality outcomes for businesses and Brand development.

You are most welcome to call us, tell us about your business idea and we are a pleasure to help you to bring it to real life. Cooperating with a reliable restaurant fitting designer is the first step to a successful business.