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Medical Aesthetics 360 is a comprehensive medical aesthetic clinic in Sydney, and they are skilled and safe to perform various micro plastic treatments. The store locates in busy Hurstville.

Shop interior ideas

The interior decoration uses a unified custom-made metal brushed decorative surface, spread the golden colours in various places in the clinic.

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Shop designs

A custom-made golden stainless steel modelling lamp above the front desk area, A 3-meter lightbox wall with evenly distributed light on the rear side. It echoes with the curved front desk created by DuPont Corian, which is non-permeable, anti-fouling, and inhibits the growth of bacteria. The overall elegant and clean shape is uniform.

Interior designs

Sydney interior designers

Interior design ideas

Golden brushed stainless steel curved door frame made by complex craftsmanship. The curved wall LED surrounds the light strip up and down, fills the space with a sense of flow and depth, and full of light luxury quality and technological texture.

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Silky, elegant wall hollow niche and the same built-in light strip conveniently display medical beauty products.

Interior designs

Interior ideas

The white marble splash-proof baffle and countertop reveal a simple and elegant atmosphere. Indoor use different cool light from beauty outdoor,It is convenient for doctors to operate and makes guests more relaxed and calm at the same time.

Interior design ideas

The natural and transparent design makes it comfortable for the body and mind. Design can not use the white and gold design to show the high-end atmosphere exquisitely. The simplicity reveals low-key gorgeousness.

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