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The Rice Pantry combines with traditional Vietnamese cuisine to create its unique flavour dishes!

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This great Vietnamese restaurant recently opened a new store in the large shopping mall full of literary atmosphere in Marrickville! Walking along the graffiti wall in the mall to The Rice Pantry entrance, the cool graffiti wall and matte colours come into view.

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The low-key, quiet, yet textured cement texture wall is matched with a sweet pink style. The temperament white and the soft and romantic pink nude colour meet just right to neutralize the softness of pink, light and not losing texture.

Shop designs

Shop designs

The artistic wall paint and the mosaic tiles present two colours three-dimensionally. The simplicity of the atmosphere makes the space more colourful and makes people indulge in the atmosphere without resistance.

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The outer door uses textured glass, which highlights the texture and is more romantic at the same time. Entering the restaurant, the bar’s white tiles and red joints extend to the interior, giving the space a sense of connection.

Shop fitting

Shop fitting

The large-diameter arc-shaped bar counter echoes the pink arc-shaped hanger above and gives precise design characteristics to the wall art modelling.
The long led light strip runs through the wall behind the art modelling to highlight the sense of lines.

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Restaurant ideas

The long seats connected to the counter below cleverly use the space on both sides to hollow out and engrave the round wooden shape, which is convenient for placing potted plants for decoration.
The connection counter just perfected its practicability and functionality.

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It took more than a month and was finely polished by a senior carpenter.
In the end, it showed a beautiful and atmospheric storefront, which attracted many customers on the day the mall opened on June 10.

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