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This secret garden coffee room must be the best date place! It is hidden in the bright commercial centre, quiet in the noisy, full of greenery. The designer used black floors and walls to create a mysterious atmosphere and built an immersive secret garden coffee room.

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The ceiling of the flower basket covered with vegetation is decorated with tiny light bulbs, which is like narrating a quiet starry night. Looking at the dark blue night sky with twinkling stars makes people intoxicated.

Cafe interior designsCafe interior designs

The multi-material combination and spliced ​​flower wall extend the ground garden vertical, genuinely creating a three-dimensional immersive flower viewing experience.

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The elegant environment here is away from the bustle and the hustle. The bouquets and plants cover each other so that those who take a break here can enjoy nature. It also allows people to communicate without being spied by the outside world.

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Have a secret date in this lovely secret to enjoy the fragrant coffee and choose a few romantic flowers.

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The design of the entire space captures wonderful inspiration and images from the secret garden, which construct a multi-dimensional space of vision, hearing, smell, touch and taste, aroused people’s innocence, sensibility, sensitivity, fantasy, and romantic survey. It’s as fantastic as Alice in Wonderland!

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ROSE& CO.ffee is not just a garden coffee room, and it is more like a work of contemporary art, let all those who come to the secret garden enjoy the pleasure beyond the senses.

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