The entire art of interior design is never easy. It is not only about putting random furniture and decorations and mixing up colours. Professional interior designers have to follow many principles and guidelines to create a complete looking set for any interior they are working on.

Here are some of the top elements an interior design must-have if a coffee shop design or any retail shop design needs to conduct.


Space is the core element that will make your shop. This includes the size, shape, dimensions, width, and length. Knowing the shop space will make it very easy to start the process of interior designing in a fun and smooth way.

You can always make more space in any smaller space by using specific interior designing methods and art for putting stuff in its perfect place.


Lines define shapes and also form patterns. It might be horizontal, dynamic, or vertical. Lines may also be found in chairs, tables, windows, stairs, and doorways. They constitute a great part of interior designing and help make anything look different from before even though they might be just a smaller part of the entire room. Interiors designers use lines at retail shop design and coffee shop design to bring a whole new look.


Light is also very important as it sets up the mood and gives an ambience to shop space. It can also highlight all other elements, including lines, forms, and shapes. You may also find many different kinds of lights and lighting degrees so that your interior design looks one of its kind.


Colours are all around us, and interior design couldn’t go off without them as well. You will find colours all around us and see how they impact our moods and mindsets whenever we see some specific shade or hue. Likewise, these colours are used in interiors to bring up whole new energy and a different kind of spirit to match the purpose of any interior space.

Colour embellishes the aesthetic connection in between all elements. It brings life and also emphasis over objects and space. Every colour has its value, hue, and intensity. Colours also show moods, and this is why they are picked very specifically for retail shop design or coffee shop design.

Texture and pattern

Texture and pattern also play a great role in making any interior design. You cannot get the right results by not including these two things in your coffee shop design unless you keep everything plain white and blank. The texture is responsible for giving depth to the environment.

It emphasizes the consistency and appearance of a surface. Texture may also be visual or actual. At the same time, patterns are a repetition of all elements. It narrates a story and mixes elements to transition or harmony in any living space.

These are very basic but very important elements needed for a great interior design. If you are looking for any interior design element that you want to design your coffee shop or retail shop or your homes in general, Twenty Interior will customise your requirements to meet your personal styles and deliver your scope with our interior design services.