What is shop fitting?

Shop fitting is known as a trade of fitting out of commercial spaces with equipment, fixtures, and fittings. You need shopfitters when your existing or proposed business needs a revitalized branding image. It can apply to all different kinds of business, ranging from retail shops to restaurants and cafes. There is no doubt that giving customers a good impression of the store is the most powerful and valuable advertisement. Creating space through shop fitting that displays products clearly and gives easy access to products greatly improve the shopping experience in-store.  Shopfitters will involve in a series of processes. They will participate in planning, designing the layout, producing, and installing equipment and services.  These processes include counters, showcases, display units shop fronts, floor coverings, fixtures, doors, and architectural joinery. Shopfitters are also required to specify, and cost estimate the amount of material required, prepare quotes and tenders, and create drawings for design and construction. They will try their best to realise the client’s ideas that fit the actual space as well.

tobacconist shop interior design window glass

What is the process of shop fitting?

There are different requirements for the different branches and types of shop. It is important to engage with your shoplifter in the early stage of the design process.  A shop fitting cycle begins with surveying a site to accurately access the space and measure the available space and prepare a concept solution for the client. The shop fitting process demands a great amount of interaction with local authorities for the approval of any proposed design scheme from conception. Shopfitters generally manage the whole planning process for you from end to end, removing the typical stress that dealing with your local authorities can bring. Once a design scheme for a shop fit-out is approved, the final design will be carried out.

Twenty Interior provides shop fitting design service in Sydney. This is the wall of a Sushi store shop fitting.

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