Whether it’s the intangible cultural heritage of Yunnan Bridge Noodles, it is also the architectural model of “Yikeyin”, a traditional house in Yunnan that combines Confucian culture and Yi nationality tradition. It’s very fortunate for Twenty Interior and Yunn this time, continuing the collective memory of Chinese food. While eating a hot bowl of authentic rice noodles, customers also got spiritual and cultural enjoyment.

Due to the unique climate of the Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the local people build a small courtyard with the main room, the penthouse, and the porch to block the strong wind and intense sunlight.

This pattern is like a seal covering the ground, the common name of Seal-Like Compound (Yikeyin). This kind of building not only fully reflects the social form of etiquette and custom in space but also has a high degree of the local environment and social adaptability.

The mixed application of three different solid kinds of wood, combined with the gradual grain effect paint imitating the traditional wall printing, is matched with bluestone slabs on the ground to create a sense of space. It is not only rich in layers but also exquisite and not messy. This separation of different materials also shows the beauty of Yikeyin.

Textured glass lamps are used for accent lighting and embellishment at the intersection of space vision and the “blank” part of some walls. Combining the texture and shape of the wall, combining lamps and lanterns into the formation from top to bottom enriches the space experience of the entire store and highlights the traditional atmosphere.

From the door’s appearance to the store layout and decoration, it is elegant and stable, and the traditional atmosphere is permeated. The craftsman used exquisite craftsmanship to splice the unique black fir wood under the front desk, as well as the textured frosted glass in the cashier area that echoes the ambient light, and the white water ripple tiles on the entire outer side are matched with different textures to add to the whole store—a lot of fine texture.

It effectively conveys the intense traditional cultural atmosphere and highlights the powerful rendering effect of the simple fashion of the Yunn brand. To further deepen the brand image of Yunn, customized brand display lightboxes on the rear side of the store have heightened people’s impression and attracted traffic.