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Koomi yogurt decoration in Chatswood uses expensive gold-plated stainless steel of the opposite sex. Spread the golden colour carefully into the ripples of the silver mirror, then pass the stainless steel light behind each mirror to diffuse its reflection and refraction to the entire space, make the visual effect more atmospheric and bright.

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A circle of lights illuminates the shimmering silver corrugated board ceiling, also makes the ceiling floating in the air. Every customer is like being in a luxurious palace enjoy the fun at this moment.

Shop designs

The blue lacquered board contrasts with the gold in the room, but the stainless steel door frame into a round arch shape. It also makes the overall store more eye-catching.

Cafe interior designers

Shop interior designers

Light yellow mosaic tiles and small white tiles are difficult to splice.

Interior designers

Ingeniously integrated with the new Frozen Terra Ceaserstone at the bar, delicately create a beautiful curve and a sense of flow in a single area.

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The crystal clear reflective particles inside Ceaserstone echo the ground terrazzo. Let all elements of the space be integrated, mellow, and smooth. The golden shape on the back wall in the order area seems to be mouth-watering golden milk, just like all luxury flows into the lips and teeth.

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