Sushi Don Junction

The mall downstairs of Rhodes Central, the last waterfront mansion project in the heart of the Rhodes Peninsula, has a newly opened Japanese sushi store!!!

SUSHI DON JUNCTION is the only Japanese restaurant in Rhodes Central. We have estimated the cost, allocated the most appropriate resources to maximize the decoration effect, and have designed this exquisite shop into an elegant Japanese style.

Japanese sushi interior decorations


Japanese sushi shop interior decorations

The beauty of this store does not mean that it must adopt a gorgeous restaurant design. The ordinary and straightforward design can better reflect the temperament and beauty of this type of store.

Sushi shop design

Sushi shop designs

While satisfying the essential functions and providing comprehensive, convenient, safe, and high-quality services, the integration of Japanese elements and the overall style of the mall also reflects the Japanese cultural level of taste and design standards.

Sushi shop designs

Sushi shop interior design

The designer uses transparent cherry wood and matte black two-tones to associate the traditional wooden interior with Japanese sliding doors. The decoration of lanterns, Japanese art patterns and wooden frames creates an aesthetically appealing vision for customers.

Sushi shop interior designSushi shop interior design

Viewed from the front or side, it completely encompasses a Japanese style. In addition, the neatly arranged sushi in the glass boxes and the exquisite production all reveal the store’s authenticity.

Sushi shop interior design

The control of decoration details is also essential. The use of low coloured temperature milk-white bulbs to emit natural light is softer, efficiently promoting people’s appetite. The LED strips behind the Japanese art patterns on the walls create a three-dimensional effect and enhances the sense of the atmosphere to another aesthetic level.


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