Twenty Interior and Rose & Co jointly created four stores in Parramatta, Macquarie, Marrickville, and East Village this year. Based on the uniform style, we grasp the details of design and renovation layer by layer, strive for perfection, and constantly innovate and reshape so that each store has a different charm.

Whether it is the fashion of the Parramatta store, the poetic romance of the Macquarie store or the mysterious and cozy atmosphere of the Marrickville Café, the East Village store is more refined and straightforward.

We use the most expensive Recycle Timber removed from the deck. The sliding door of the shop is also hidden in this wooden deck cabinet. The natural texture of the wood matches the exquisite lightbox of ROSE&Co, which is simple and robust and fits the entire shopping mall style.

Shelves are the essential facility for displaying and selling flowers. They are designed to contain and store flowers and make it easy to choose and place flowers. Therefore, in the model’s design, there is a lot of storage space on the ground floor to display flowers. The wooden shelves with freely adjustable height can be flexibly adjusted according to the store’s needs, which is practical strong.

The clean grid and golden decorative logo are exquisite. The black wall and interlaced light increase the mystery of the flower and highlight the gorgeousness of the flower.

The front desk is about 900 meters high, which is very convenient for the florist to operate, but it is low for the guests at the checkout.

The use of deck wood to make a step elevation cleverly solves this problem. The low-key black logo embellishment also highlights the texture of the front desk. On the other side, the stainless steel countertop design is also straightforward to clean, and the black mirrored waterproof baffle reflects the flower clusters to make the space larger.

The logo flower wall still uses the ROSE&Co logo, with a metal texture logo. Different designers design organ slides here, push the flower wall when purchasing, from the door to the agricultural room and freezer that can directly access the ground, and design behind the wall. The cabinet adds much space and makes the area look big.

The beautiful suspended ceiling adopts a mesh panel, which allows you to fish from high and low in the air, filling the three-dimensional space and staggering. Air-drying avoids wasteful waste. Using industrial wind lamps as decoration makes the whole room bright and harmless.

The renovation is for functional stereotypes, which is believed to be the first choice of most people. But as a professional interior design and renovation company, the coexistence of “beauty” and functionality is our pursuit. In our view of renovation, beauty is a function and a vital part of a visually pleasant experience.