Milk Flower Kiosk

Milk Flower has opened a new store in Sydney Bonnyrigg Plaza, located west of Sydney’s city centre. The bright-coloured kiosk shop occupies the C position of the entire mall.

Shop designs

The internal yellow tiles and blue external wall tiles create a fresh and vibrant visual effect. The eye-catching logo makes people feel that the drink is so fresh!

Interior designs

Interior designs

Light white marble countertops and wood together form the front desk. The Southeast Asian style Thai feng shui wheel ornaments complement the logo to create a dazzling space.

Shop fitting

Shop designs

A transparent glass display stands to make the product look good after being put in.

Renovations Sydney

Interior designs Sydney

The brand’s sense of unity and harmony is vividly reflected in the renovation, and the line of sight continues to run through the four sides of the wall.

Shop design ideas

Cafe interior designs

Look along the line of sight. Every angle has the busy back of the staff, transparent and open background production, fresh and hygienic beverage ingredients. There is also the brand’s exclusive logo slogan, and every detail conveys the brand message of Milk Flower to passing pedestrians.

Cafe designs

Unlike the Bankstown and Ashfield stores that we renovated before, the kiosk store has a greater need to attract customers to extend customer retention. To achieve this effect, we used 17 warm light high CRI COB track lights on all four sides to vividly paint the store’s colours.

The excellent location of the store at the time of starting a business is significant for later operations—the success of Milk Flower’s not only because the products are healthy and delicious, but also the location and renovation of the shop are also improved. Good shops have low rents, a large open front, and good locations. Therefore, do not rush to find a shop when you start a business. It is best to choose a professional team to help select the site.

Shop designs

Starting a business is not as difficult as imagined. As long as the store renovation can attract customers, always maintaining the brand’s quality and constantly innovating products, entrepreneurs can win stable and profitable development in future.

Shop designs

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