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Located in Maroubra Beach in the east of Sydney, surfers are fascinated by the endless waves. The ocean from deep to shallow and the pinkish underwater corals have also become the most emblematic colour of this land. Sweet Whale is an Ice Cream Shop decorated by Twenty Interior and designed by Tian Design plus Art. It brought more highlights to this beach in the hottest summer.

Interior shop designs

The theme material uses blue and pink gradient tiles. When the first ray of sunlight falls on the tiles in the morning, it reflects the sparkling sea surface. In a trance, it seems to be an extension of the underwater world.

Interior designers Sydney

Interior designs Sydney

Appropriately put deep-sea elements such as ‘Whale‘ along with the waves extending from the ceiling to the wall immerse people.

Interior designers

To better show the sense of hierarchy of the waves, the layered stacking of 7-layer wall materials and the hidden light strips make the whole effect more three-dimensional and restore the designer’s original intention in depth.

Shop fitting

The flow of various silky curves makes the entire store look softer. Multiple pieces of materials splice ​​the pattern on the wall, and the delicate processing of the irregular arc interface places extreme demands on the handwork of the carpenter and bricklayer.

Interior designs

To imitate the magic of nature, the craftsman accurately corresponds to more than ten different colours and colour separation processing to restore the gradation of the sea from deep to shallow. The painter works meticulously to retain the most beautiful colours of nature like a painter.

Shop design ideas

Since the opening of Christmas in 2020, Sweet Whale has gradually become a mecca for young people to check-in. It starts with the value of the face and then sinks into the taste, loyal to the quality. The various ice cream flavours complement the interior decoration. Everything is natural and lets the waves look just like waves.

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