Captivating, vivid, vibrant, mesmerising, and attractive. The beauty of interior design is not only in its contemporary ability to create a visually aesthetic design but also in one that attracts and inspires customers.

A café’s interior or shop design can significantly impact customer attraction, productivity and promote awareness. However, designing such an interior is tedious and can often be time-consuming if you are unsure of what you should consider.

Listed below are a few ideas you should consider when creating an interior design for a shop or café.

The Concept

Consider what environment you want to facilitate, from prices, demographic range, type of product, location, and accessibility.

The demographic is a bit difficult as customer demographic tends to be fluid, however by catering to a more certain demographic, factors such as price, product type and location accessibility will be much easier to manage. By having such factors thought out thoroughly then your shop design will come along smoother and easier to visualise.

For example, if you are designing a café interior and you want to cater to the millennial generation, then a low to mid-price commercial café with a vibrant and aesthetically engaging designed café interior will be more adequate. After all, the millennial generation is one that is active on the internet promoting and sharing others their lifestyle through Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, or other social media platforms. If it is not engaging or interesting enough then how would you expect the millennials to gather.


Ambience consists of colour, lighting, acoustic and scent. A shop’s design will properly account for all these factors creating a perfect harmony that further captivates potential customers.

Colours are the first thing our eyes tend to notice; it is highly recommended for café interiors or shop designs to have subtle and relaxing tones such as pastel instead of red and yellow which tend to overpower or deter customers.

Lighting helps establish the mood of the restaurant you want to facilitate; bright lights are distracting whereas dim lights are more rustic and soothing. If certain lighting is not what you desire for your shop design, then utilise as much natural lighting instead.

We react to music differently and for example, a café interior which is to facilitate socialising, working or studying, music that is more subtle, relaxing and does not overpower a conversation is highly recommended.

The scent is the last element that enhances the concept and vibe of the shop design. Smells create different impulses and trigger different reactions. Creating a fragrance that either entices customers to your food or makes them linger and relax as they order food. The scent should be strong but subtle so that it does not overpower everything else and be careful as some scents can give headaches or allergies.


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