Burwood tobacconist is located in Burwood Chinatown with red lanterns, stained glass, modelling walls and a national atmosphere. It’s like the oil house of Spirited Away.

The whole style of this cigarette shop is also a romantic combination of China and Japan with a touch of cartoon atmosphere.

Regarding Chinese native architecture and origami art, the entire suspended ceiling is made into a pointed sloped roof. Every time people walk in, they will feel like they are crossing into a classical building full of historical charm.

The logo inspiration of Burwood Tobacconist also comes from traditional Chinese calligraphy “seal type” fonts and traditional Chinese seals.

To distinguish it from the red in other stores, the entire storefront uses light cinnabar red, which let the whole store look like it has a traditional style and a sense of youthful fashion.

Oriental beauty wearing a cheongsam on the oversized eye-catching lightbox at the door makes the whole store more classical, mysterious and elegant.

Chinese-style plaques, doors and windows are added to the design of Fu Jiao, and traditional Chinese design language such as stained glass sheets and luminous characters create an atmosphere of passing through China.

Walking into the store, attracted by the online celebrity snacks on the wooden shelves on the side. The refrigerator and freezer for cold drinks are placed on the backside to attract customers to go, lengthening the store’s stay time. The black cabinet happens to hide all kinds of tobacco products for easy access.

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