As Sydney’s leading medical-grade cosmetic surgery clinic, Lumiere Cosmetic Clinic has recently expanded its new store with three floors. It has become one of the largest medical aesthetic institutions in Sydney. Years of medical cosmetology experience and super high technology are deeply loved and respected by Sydney beauty lovers!

The overall design of the 3rd floor of the new store inherits some of the original store design elements. We re-created a store full of high-end sense.

The project widely used Laminex materials in the construction of wall panels and cabinets, and there are a lot of applications in the ceiling, front desk decoration and other parts. The combination of large areas of white and light wood grain creates a bright and fresh interior space. Pure white can make the room look more open and add exquisite wood grain embellishment, making the area more warm and natural.

As soon as the reception desk comes in, You can feel the warmth of this beauty salon. The curved marble and excellent wood grain splicing front desk and suspended ceiling make people feel at home. As if you can sit on the sofa and rest casually, give people who are awaiting surgery a moment of relaxation.

And the simple spatial tone based on white light wood colour and brown nude colour, matching with curved marble floor stitching, so that the design and colour are highly integrated and unified, enhance the sense of high-level space.

Wall corners with curved cabinets can be used as beauty display racks. Ingeniously make beauty and functionality coexist. LED light strips make the whole space bright and comfortable and add the wood grain wall level.

Bright lights, beautiful crystal lights and TV displays will complement each other with the unique shape, making up the high-end fashion sense of the cosmetic surgery clinic.

The golden faucet is matched with fashionable marble tiles, creating a neat and stylish atmosphere. The light strip behind the mirror is not only convenient for filling light when using the mirror, but it also adds a sense of technology to the bathroom.

The kitchen uses pure white paint panels, lets all design elements meet the functional premise, abandon the so-called sense of design, and create a minimalist and pure beauty.