Hustle culture is prevalent among many existing companies and their employees. The standard 9-5 job hustle can however be exhausting, but with a little tweak in terms of commercial design, specifically lighting, one can not only boost productivity but also mood. Let’s have a look at some of these commercial designs for lighting and how they impact an employee’s productivity.

In terms of commercial designs for specific lighting choices, the options will vary depending on the area. We recommend using 3 different layers of commercial design lighting to better improve productivity and boost morale or improve employee mood. In general, work with providing adequate lighting in the room, then depending on the area light certain areas and surfaces with different commercial design lights around the office environment. By doing so, you create a small boost in productivity and establish a mood for the area adequate for the designated area.

Commercial design lighting should offer a cool artificial light, as well as exposure to natural light during the morning, which can improve employees’ mood, reduce depression systems, improve energy, and increase their productivity throughout the day. A balance between commercial design artificial lighting and natural lighting is extremely important for the improvement of employee productivity and workstyle health. Moreover, for commercial design artificial lighting using blue-enriched lights has shown to improve happiness levels, increase alertness and boost productivity.

Commercial design lighting can also utilize warmer tones of artificial lighting. Warmer commercial lighting provides comfort and a calmer, and relaxed environment. Utilizing different varieties of commercial design lighting is key in boosting productivity but also equally important to establish an environment where your company and its employees will thrive.

Another way of improving commercial design lighting is to utilize other materials such as glass or windows to allow for more natural lighting which reduces the need for artificial lighting but also ensures your employees benefit from a variety of commercial design lighting.


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